Weddings @ Hernder

Hernder’s Full Wedding Packages Complete With Pricing

See below for the seating plans that is required for the Monday prior to your wedding.  Please make sure you let us know where the vegetarian, gluten, children, etc.. are seated.

As suggested please try and put people at tables of 8 as we use 90×90 tables cloths.  You can upgrade your linen should you want too.  Should you have any questions, please contact Angel at

Alexis Room (Main Floor , seats up to 140)

Alexis Room 8 Tables

Alexis Room 12 Tables

Alexis Room 9 Tables

Alexis Room 13 Tables

Alexis Room 10 Tables

Alexis Room 14 Tables

Alexis Room 11 Tables

Alexis Room 15 Tables

Victoria Room (Upstairs, seats up to 300)

Victoria Room 17 Tables

Victoria Room 21 Tables

Victoria Room 18 Tables

Victoria Room 22 Tables

Victoria Room 19 Tables

Victoria Room 23 Tables

Victoria Room 20 Tables

Victoria Room 24 Tables