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Horizontal and Vertical Wine Tastings

As Hernder Estates winemaker I sincerely welcome you to our winery and encourage you to have fun, explore, and savor our delicious wines while you visit us. Our tasting bar is open daily from 10am-5pm and our award winning wine list is quite extensive in varietal, style and vintage. We have up to 14 varietals and our vintages date as far back as 1995.   I also encourage visitors to sample some of our fun fruit wines which are quite rare but delicious at the same time.  The staff at Hernder Estates is well trained and can help you make your wine tasting experience as serious or fun as you want to make it.

If you aren’t too serious about a certain wine, vintage, or varietal our sales team would be more than happy to take you through a general tasting where you can choose up to four samples from our wine list. Here’s a suggestion for a general 4 wine-wine tasting: start with a sparkler, then sip a white wine, treat yourself to a full bodied red and then finish with one of our luxurious icewines.

On occasion I like to have the sales team present a vertical tasting to our keen customers.  Here they can compare back vintages to current vintages of the same varietal. This is a fun one to do with Riesling, Cabernet Franc, or Vidal Icewine.  I enjoy these types of tasting because gives the customer a chance to observe how these varietals can age, and what characteristics develop with time.  They can try to predict the aging potential of some of our younger wines by doing this too.

Sometimes the customer is only interest in doing a horizontal tasting.  Horizontal tasting is just a fancy way of saying “you want to taste wines from a particular vintage”. This could be an anniversary year, a great growing year, a new winemaker year, or a year where a new technology was used.  In this case I would suggest a horizontal red tasting from the 2002 vintage.  2002 was a great warm year and many great reds were made from it. You can see this first hand by sampling our 2002 Merlot , 2002 Meritage, 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon , 2002 Cabernet Franc.

Whatever your preference of tasting be sure to just enjoy yourself and let us make your experience a memorable one. Just say Lydia sent you.


Lydia Tomek


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