Winemaker Angela Kasimos

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At Hernder Estate Wines We Specialize In Vqa Wines, Icewines, Fruit Wines, Wine Tours And Wine Tastings, Weddings And Corporate Events & Dinners.
At Hernder Estate Wines We Specialize In Vqa Wines, Icewines, Fruit Wines, Wine Tours And Wine Tastings, Weddings And Corporate Events & Dinners.

Winemaker Angela Kasimos

New Vintage, New Winemaker

Fitness, food, wine and family are the terms that can be used to describe Hernder Estates new winemaker, Angela Kasimos..  Angela’s passion for all things wine and CrossFit make her a dedicated individual who strives to be successful in all her endeavours. Immediately following her graduation from Brock University’s Enology and Viticulture program, she began working with Riverview Cellars Estates winery. It was during her seven years here that she not only developed her skills, but consistently won prestigious awards including the Lieutenant Governors award for her 2012 Cab Franc and a Cuvee Gold award for best white wine for her 2010 gewürztraminer.

Growing up in Newfoundland enhanced her passion for people as did her family’s restaurant business. Angela was raised in the food industry and her curiosity of the industry continued to grow. During her studies in Biochemistry at Memorial University, Angela took a food science course which peaked her interest in Winemaking and set her on the path to Brock University.

Following her time with Riverview Cellars, Angela moved to Small Talk winery where she produced cider for the first time. Though cider is very similar to winemaking, it does pose its own set of challenges. The cider was made from fresh apples where most companies use juice, using fresh apples made it more difficult as it was hard to maintain consistency as raw materials vary.

Angela also loves to travel with family and friends, and wherever her travels take her she always seeks out the local wine region. She’s visited regions in British Columbia, Quebec and Santorini where the viticulture is vastly different in each place.

Fitness is as important to Angela as wine is. When she is not at work, she can be found in the gym challenging her own personal goals and many of her friend’s goals as well. She often takes part in fitness challenges and weight lifting competitions for charity and fun. An early riser, Angela likes to make the most out of her day by working, exercising, spending time with her dachshund Ellie and ensuring she checks out the latest restaurants or food festivals with friends.

Many of Angela’s friends and family live in various places across Canada which also means time for phone calls and texts to stay in touch, not to mention vacation planning to ensure quality time is spent with loved ones.

Working with Hernder Estates Winery has brought Angela back to the family atmosphere that she loves. Hernder Estates has that small family feel with the technology and equipment of a larger winery that will allow Angela to produce some amazing wines for Hernder’s customers.

Favourite Wine – Cab Franc
Favourite Food – Chocolate
Favourite Colour – Red
Bucket List – Retirement Europe
Best Achievement – Single home owner

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